• Introduction   (pdf, 12.9MB)

Session 1: Anti-Tsunami measures by APEC economies: Sharing experiences
  • Anti-tsunami measures in Peru   Peru-1.pdf(pdf, 7.5MB)
    Peru-2.pdf(pdf, 14.9MB)

  • Lessons learnt from the Indian Ocean Tsunami by Thailand   (pdf, 1.7MB)

  • Anti-tsunami measures in Chile   (pdf, 30.9MB)

  • Anti-Tsunami measures after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Japan   (pdf, 14.5MB)

  • Anti-Tsunami measures in Asian Pacific region by JICA Peru Office   (pdf, 1.6MB)

Session 2:Collaboration with private sector facing Tsunami Disaster Reduction
  • The United States Tsunami Warning System   (pdf, 30.8MB)

  • Tsunami and local economy: Presentation on activities by private Sector in Peru   (pdf, 14.9MB)

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