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Information on Disaster Risk Reduction of the Member Countries


General Information

Indonesia Formal Name: Republic of Indonesia
Indonesia consists of 17,500 islands between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia has a land of 189 million square meters. Located in the middle of the Australian plate, Eurasian plate, Pacific plate and the Philippine Sea plate, Indonesia is a seismic and volcanic-prone area. The climate is tropical humid. In the high altitude area, climate is warm and moderate.
The capital is Jakarta. Of the 9.14 million people, the Malay is the majority.

Overview of Disasters

Indonesia suffers from floods, landslides, droughts, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, forest fires. In particular, floods and earthquakes are the most frequent disasters.

Recent Major Disasters

Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami (December 2004)

The Indian Ocean Tsunami which was triggered by the earthquake off the Sumatra Island (M9.1) claimed the live of 165,708, affected 532,898. The total loss was US$ 4,451,600,000.

Sumatra Earthquake (May 2005)

The M8.6 earthquake occurred at the Sumatra Island on 28 March 2005 killed 845 people in North Sumatra Province and 60 people in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province (NAD). The evacuees rose up to 106,800. The Nias Island was also extensively damaged.

Java Earthquake (May 2006)

The death toll due to the earthquake on 27 May 2006 whose seismic size was M6.3, stands at 5,778, with 37,883 seriously injured. 139,859 houses were completely destroyed whereas 468,149 half destroyed.

Disaster Management System

Legal System

Disaster Management Law No. 24 was enacted in April 2007.


Organization Chart Click Here Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (National Disaster Management Agency, BNPB) was established in 2008. BNPB consists of the president of the BNPB, the Management and Operational Committee, and the Policy Implementation Agency.
Being composed of ten ministries (Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resourcess, Police and Armed Forces) and other nine experts, the Management and Operational Committee is in charge of advisory and consultation with the BNPB's president.
The Policy Implementation Agency is in charge of increasing preparedness, emergency response, and relief and reconstruction.
Also, the Indonesian Government is planning to establish the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD). In November 2008, National Platform was established to expand the cooperation among sectors.


National Action Plan for Disaster Management 2006–2009 was formulated.

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