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Pakistan: Severe Local Storm: 2003/02/17 Country Information on DRR

Period 2003/02/17
Country or District Pakistan
Event Type Severe Local Storm
Outline Heavy rains and violent winds lashed Pakistan on Monday, killing at least five people and injuring more than 70.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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UNHCR report 2003/02/21
Heavy rains hit refugees in Pakistan, but bring hope to drought-ridden Afghanistan

Reuters news 2003/02/19
Rain and snow kill at least 77 in South Asia

OCHA Situation Report No. 1 2003/02/19
violent winds, heavy rains and snowfall have lashed Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan, killing and injuring people. Pakistan was the worst affected with the death of 51 persons.

BBC news 2003/02/20
Pakistan rains 'leave 60 dead'.Several thousand people have been made homeless

BBC news 2003/02/18
More than 100 people have been injured and thousands have been made homeless.

OCHA Situation Report No.1 2003/02/19
Pakistan was the worst affected with the death of 51 persons.

Yahoo asia News 2003/02/18
Floodwaters from heavy rains in Pakistan killed at least 16 people Monday, including seven who were on a bus that was swept away.

ABC News 2003/02/18
Death Toll over 30 in Rain-Hit South Asia.About 170 people have been injured.

CNN 2003/02/18
Heavy rains and violent winds have lashed Pakistan and Afghanistan , killing at least 20 people, including six children, and injuring more than 100.

Reuters News 2003/02/17
Five people die as heavy rains, winds hit Pakistan