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DR Congo: Tornado: 2003/02/06 Country Information on DRR

Period 2003/02/06
Country or District DR Congo
Event Type Tornado
Outline A violent storm struck 6 villages of the District of Yumbi, in the province of Bandundu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Some 1,664 houses were destroyed, with 17 deaths, and 1,702 persons injured (of whom 100 seriously).
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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UN News Service 2003/02/10
UN to deliver aid to thousands left homeless by deadly tornado in western DR of Congo

UN Regional Information Africa 2003/02/10
Experts revise figures on Yumbi tornado - only 17 dead,many people were found alive, under the debris of their homes

OCHA Situation Report No. 1 2003/02/07
17 people have been killed, 2,500 have been injured, 1,700 houses have been destroyed and more than 20,000 people are homeless, Africa 2003/02/08
UN Relief Team to Assess Damage Left By Deadly Tornado

UN Regional Information Africa 2003/02/07
Tornado toll rises to 164 dead, 1,702 injured

CNN News 2003/02/06
A tornado tore through remote villages in central Congo, killing 164 people, destroying homes and ruining crops.

IFRC Report 2003/02/06
17 people killed and injured 1,702 (100 seriously) by a violent storm in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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