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FY2010 Annual Report

Annual Report

3. Collection and Distribution of Disaster Information

3-1 ADRC Steering Committee

3-2 Datebase on Disaster Risk Reduction

3-2-1 Current Situation of Disaster Information Sharing

3-2-2 Data Book on Asian Natural Disasters

3-2-3 Current Status of "GLIDE"

3-3 Information Sharing through Internet Networks

3-3-1 Latest Disaster Information Database

3-3-2 Multilanguage Glossary on Disaster Reduction ADRC

3-3-3 ADRC Newsletter: ADRC Highlights

3-4 Sharing Risk Information of Natural Disaster by Using Satellite Image

3-4-1 Basic Research on Hazard Map for Glacial Lake Outburst Flood in Bhutan

3-4-2 Transmitting Images of Disaster-Stricken Areas and Providing Lessons in Image Analysis Techniques

4. Human Resource Development

4-1 Human Resource Development through the Visiting Researcher(VR)

4-2 Seminars and Training courses

4-2-1 JICA Training Course "Dissemination and Establishment of Disaster Prevention Culture for Asian Countries"

4-2-2 JICA Training Course "Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management"

4-2-3 JICA Disaster Management Training Course for Central Asia and the Caucasus

4-2-4 JICA Training /Earthquake Disaster Management Course for China

4-3 Visitors to ADRC

4-4 Capacity Building in ASEAN region

4-4-1 Capacity Building related to the Use of Satellite Information

4-4-2 Development of a Web-Based and GLIDE-Associated Disaster Database

4-4-3 Capacity Building Project for Local Government Officials

4-4-4 Promotion of Disaster Education in Schools

4-5 Project on Transfer of Disaster Management Measures of Japan to Enhance DRR Capacity in Asia 2010 (Mongolia, Indonesia)

5. Promoting Cooperation with Member Countries, International Organizations and NGOs

5-1 Urban Search-and-Rescue Training in Singapore

5-2 Capacity Building in Member Countries

5-2-1 ADRC Peer Review Project

5-2-2 Multi-disciplinary Hazard Reduction from Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Indonesia

5-3 Promoting Cooperation with Member Countries, International Organizations and NGOs

5-3-1 Establishing a Regional Network in Asia

5-3-2 Promoting Cooperation with International & Regional Organizations and NGOs

5-3-3 MOU between World Bank and the Asian Disaster Reduction Center

5-3-4 Preparatory Meeting for the High-level Expert Group Meeting towards Developing a Roadmap to Reduce Flood Disaster Risks in Pakistan

5-3-5 The Typhoon Committee

6. The International Recovery Platform (IRP) : History and Current Activities

6-1 The Establishment of the IRP

6-2 The Governance Structure of the IRP

6-3 IRP Activities in FY 2010

6-3-1 International Recovery Forum 2011

6-3-2 "Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction" Working Group 3-Operationalising disaster reduction in post-disaster transition to development

6-3-3 IRP-ADRC Side Event "A Tool for Better Recovery: Introduction to Guidance Notes on Climate Change Adaptation in Recovery" in The Fourth Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (4th AMCDRR)

6-3-4 Capacity Building on Resilient Recovery for Government Officials

7. Public Relations Activities

7-1 Promotion through Mass Media

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