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FY2013 Annual Report

Annual Report

3. Collection and Dissemination of Disaster Information

3-1. Disaster Risk Reduction Activities of Member Countries

3-1-1. Information Collection from Member Countries

3-1-2. Natural Disaster Data Book

3-1-3. Disaster Information Sharing Using GLIDE Numbers

3-2. Database on Disaster Risk Reduction

3-2-1. Latest Disaster Information

3-2-2. Multilanguage Glossary on Disaster Reduction

3-2-3. Asian Disaster Reduction Center Newsletter: ADRC Highlights

3-3. Transmitting Image of Disaster Area and Offering Image Analysis Technique

3-3-1. Sentinel Asia

3-3-2. Achievements of the Sentinel Asia in the HFA and recommendations for the Post-HFA

4. Human Resource Development

4-1 Human Resource Development and Information Networking on Visiting Researcher (VR)

4-1-1. Background

4-1-2. Objective

4-1-3. Activities of Visiting Researchers in FY2013

4-2 Seminars and Training Course

4-2-1. JICA Training Course: "Comprehensive Disaster Management for Central Asia and Caucasus"

4-2-2. JICA Training Course: "Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Course"

4-2-3. JICA Training Course: "Raising Awareness of Disaster Reduction"

4-3. Implementation of Short-term Training

4-4 Promotion of Disaster Education in Schools in ASEAN

5. Promoting Cooperation with Member Countries, International Organizations and NGOs

5-1. Urban Search and Rescue Training in Singapore

5-2. Capacity Building in Member Countries

5-2-1. ADRC Cooperative Project and Peer Review for Promoting the Implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action

5-2-2. Strengthening Private Sector's Disaster Resilience in APEC Region

5-2-3. The Project for Strengthening the Capacity of Seismic Disaster Risk Management in Ulaanbaatar City,Mongolia (Technical cooperation project of JICA)

5-2-4. Technical Cooperation Project in Indonesia

5-3. Promoting Cooperation with Member Countries,International Organizations and NGOs

(1) 4th Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

(2) 1st Meeting of the Executive Committee and Development Support Group for the 6th Asia Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction (AMCDRR)

(3) 2nd Meeting of the UNISDR Asia Partnership for 2013

(4) 3rd Session of UNESCAP's Committee on Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangkok

(5) 6th Asia-Pacific Economy Cooperation (APEC) Emergency Preparedness Working Group (EPWG) Meeting

(6) 8th Integrated Workshop of the Typhoon Committee

(7) International Forum on Recovery and Reconstruction Following China's Sichuan Earthquake

(8) Consultation Workshop on Developing a Capacity-Building Strategy through the Establishment of a Disaster Management Training Center in Myanmar

6. The International Recovery Platform (IRP):History and Current Activities

6-1. The Establishment of the IRP

6-2. The Governance Structure of the IRP

6-3. IRP Activities in FY 2013

6-3-1. "IRP's International Recovery Forum 2014"

6-3-2. Participation in the 4th Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

6-3-3."IRP Workshop on Disaster Recovery Planning"(Philippines and other countries)

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