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FY2022 Annual Report

Annual Report

1. Asian Disaster Reduction Center

1.1. Key Activities
1.2. Composition


2. Highlights of FY 2022

2.1. Activities in Figures
2.2. Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2022
2.3. Report on Turkiye-Syria Earthquakes 2023
2.4. Tsunami Seminar 2022
2.5. Workshop at the BOSAI KOKUTAI 2022


3. Information Sharing on DRR

3.1. Information Collection
3.2. Information Dissemination


4. Human Resource Development

4.1. Visiting Researchers Program
4.2. JICA Knowledge Co-creation Program
4.3. Short-Term Programs


5. Cooperation and Partnerships

5.1. Research Cooperation
5.2. International Engagements and Partnerships


6. International Recovery Platform

6.1. International Recovery Forum 2023
6.2. The Fifth Edition of the World Reconstruction Conference (WRC5)
6.3. Contributions to the Mid-Term Review of the Sendai Framework
6.4. 7th National Convention for the Promotion of Disaster Reduction


7. Natural Disaster Databook 2022

7.1. Natural Disaster Data
7.2. Climate Related Disasters
7.3. COVID-19 Data



Annex 1: History of Establishment of ADRC
Annex 2: Overview of International Recovery Platform
Annex 3: Notes on Sources of Data for the Natural Disaster Databook


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