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India: Flood: 1998/08 Country Information on DRR

Period 1998/08
Country or District India
Event Type Flood
Outline A massive landslide, triggered by incessant rains, wiped out Malpa village in Pithoragarh district of Uttar Pradesh on 18 August 1998.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
IFRC 98/8/25
Human lives lost about 300. The total damages can't be clear because some roads is cut in pieces.
OCHA Situation Report No.1 98/8/20
At least 180 people, including 60 Kailash-Mansarovar pilgrims and eight Indo-Tibet Border Police personnel were feared killed. *Total districts affected : 52
*Villages affected : 10,067
*Damage to crop area : 887,000ha
*Damage to houses/huts (Nos.) : 100,000
CNN 98/8/16
*At least 42 people died.
*54 people is missing.(including 20 children)
It gave serious damages on houses, electricities, communications, roads, domestic animals, etc..
The water level of some rivers in the Assam State is now receding and the flood situation is improving.
Assam State
Human lives lost 146 (including 51 due to landslide)
Population affected: 4,485,000

Bihar State
Human lives lost 337
Population affected 12,587,000

Uttar Pradesh State
Human lives lost 1,328
Population affected 12,200,000
Assam State
Districts affected: 21 (out of 23)
Villages affected: 5,150
Total area affected (Ha): 920,000
Houses damaged: 23,343
Crop area affected (Ha) 289,000
Animals lost: 7,248

Bihar State
Districts affected 26 (out of 55)
Number of villages affected 7,583
Area affected (Ha) 3,341,000
Houses damaged 178,516
Crop area affected (Ha) 1,450,000
Animals lost 144

Uttar Pradesh State
Districts affected 55 (out of 83)
Villages affected 15,360
Area affected (Ha) 2,500,000
Houses damaged 205,125
Crop area affected (Ha) 1,400,000
Animals lost 3,138
India struggles to cope with heavy floods (CNN News 98/09/08)
The floods have so far claimed at least 1,586 lives in the three states of West Bengal(136), Assam(200) and Uttar Pradesh(1250), officials say.

In eastern West Bengal state, the number of dead over the past two weeks rose to 136, and the number of those affected increased to 4.5 million.
The Brahmaputra river and its tributaries have submerged more than 800,000 hectares of land in the oil-and tea-rich state of Assam, disrupting the telecommunication network and washing away highways. The state has already spent 400 million rupees ($9.4 million) on relief work.
India struggles to cope with heavy floods (CNN News 98/09/06)
In UP states, 51 people died. The number of dead rose to 1,186
The Floods is coming to a lull. The number of dead is over 1,100. (CNN News 98/09/03)
*The number of the death in Utter Pradesh is 1,103.
*In West-Bengal 15 people died, 200,000 people took refuge, and 1,000,000 people was damaged.
*The total of damage in Utter Pradesh is $706,000,000(US).
In North-India A spate of massive landslides killed over 1,000 people. (CNN News 98/08/31
*The number of dead is 1,086.
*In this 24 hours, 32 people was drowned and 34 people died from cholera.
*Some thousand acres of agricultural land and houses was sunk. *The water level of rivers is going up.

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CNN News 98/08/31
In North-India A spate of massive landslides killed over 1,000 people.

BBC News 98/8/14

THE HINDU 98/8/25

CNN News 98/8/19

CNN 98/8/16
On August 14, 15 dead remains was accommodated by army etc..

CNN 98/8/19
Rescuers waiting to reach Indian landslide area where 200 are missing. Three other pilgrim groups were inside Tibet, and the government planned to seek Chinese help in evacuating them back to India.

CNN News 98/09/03
The Floods is coming to a lull. The number of dead is over 1,100.

OCHA Situation Report No.1 98/8/20
The State Chief Minister, Mr. Kalyan Singh has announced a grant of US Dollars 237,965 for organizing relief and rescue operations.


OCHA Situation Report No.3 98/9/22

OCHA Situation Report No.1 98/8/20

IFRC 98/8/25
It is possible to approach to damaged region only by helicopter.

CNN 98/10/1
India floods kill rare animals in wildlife park

CNN News 98/09/06
India struggles to cope with heavy floods

CNN News 98/09/08
India struggles to cope with heavy floods

OCHA Situation Report No.2 98/9/2

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OCHA Situation Report No. 3 98/9/22
The Central Government has released, from the Calamity Relief Fund, USD 10 million to Bihar, USD 25 million to Uttar Pradesh, USD 9.5 million to Assam, and USD 5 million to West Bengal.

OCHA Situation Report No. 1 98/8/20
The Government has not made any appeal for international assistance.

OCHA Situation Report No. 1 98/08/20
The Indian Red Cross and local organizations are participating in the relief activities.