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Kazakhstan: Flood: 2024/03/29 Country Information on DRR

Period 2024/03/29
Country or District Kazakhstan
Event Type Flood
Outline Due to warming temperatures and heavy rains, flooding has begun in several regions of Kazakhstan. Currently, local authorities have declared a state of emergency in six regions of the country. More than 13 thousand people have been evacuated and more than 1,500 private houses have been flooded.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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IFRC, Red Crescent of Kazakhstan 2024/04/08
The President of the country called the floods "a natural disaster, possibly the biggest in 80 years". 74,942 people were evacuated from the emergency zones, 17,914 of them children. 14,460 people, including 7,269 children, are in temporary accommodation centres.

ECHO 2024/04/03
As of 2 April, media reported at least 16,000 displaced people, of whom 6,187 children in 12 Regions. In five regions, at least 1,415 buildings, 55 roads and four bridges have been damaged by floods.

IFRC, Red Crescent of Kazakhstan 2024/04/01
There are 6,461 people in temporary accommodation centres, including 2,570 children.

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Sentinel Asia 2024/03/30
Flood in Kazakhstan on 30 March 2024