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Pakistan: Flood: 2005/2/11 Country Information on DRR

Period 2005/2/11
Country or District Pakistan
Event Type Flood
Outline More than 400 people are missing in a remote area of southwestern Pakistan after heavy rains caused a large dam to burst, sweeping villagers into the Arabian Sea, a provincial official said Friday.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
OCHA Situation Report No. 5 2005/02/24
Dead: 486

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IRIN News 2005/04/11
Immediate intervention is required to rehabilitate infrastructure in northern districts of Pakistan's North West Frontier Province (NWFP), a UN official told IRIN. The call follows heavy rains and snow in January and February of this year that killed hundreds and severely damaged houses, roads, schools and hospitals in isolated parts of the province.

OCHA Situation Report No. 6 2005/03/04
There has been extensive damage to the road network, with the Coastal Highway once again closed and a number of main roads rendered temporarily inoperable. Gwadar Airport has closed, leaving the region cut-off from the rest of the country.

OCHA Situation Report No. 5 2005/02/24
In Balochistan province, the coastal district of Gwader is the worst affected, where heavy rains have led to flooding and dam bursts. In Pasni town, 50,000 persons are affected, while an additional 20,000 are affected in other areas of Gwader and Lasbela districts.

OCHA Situation Report No. 4 2005/02/18
The situation from the damage caused by heavy snowfall and rains over the past two weeks is becoming clear as the weather has started improving in southern and western parts of Balochistan. Assessment Missions are now gaining access to the affected areas and getting a better feel of the situation on ground. NWFP, Northern Areas of Pakistan and upper parts of Punjab continue to receive rain and snow.

OCHA Situation Report No. 3 2005/02/15
In Pasni Tehsil (Balochistan), Shadi Kaur Dam burst after more than two weeks of heavy rains. According to the local authorities, the number of deaths is 82 and the missing persons have been rescued successfully from the villages heavily affected by the dam burst and breaches.

IRIN News 2005/02/14
In addition to floods, avalanches and landslides have caused substantial damage to roads, communications and the electricity service in the southern province of Balochistan, the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), the federally administered Northern Areas and Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

BBC News 2005/02/14
Heavy snow and avalanches have killed up to 200 people in northern Pakistan, bringing the death toll in recent freak weather nationwide to more than 400.

OCHA Situation Report No. 2 2005/02/13
In Pasni Tehsil (Balochistan), Shadi Kaur Dam burst after more than two weeks of heavy rains. According to the local authorities, the number of death has increased to 82, while more than 1,500 persons are still reported missing.

OCHA Situation Report No. 1 2005/02/11
Heavy snowfall and rains over the past two weeks has caused substantive damages in Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP), Balochistan and parts of Punjab Province.

BBC News 2005/02/12
Officials in Pakistan say 278 people have died as a result of a week of torrential rains and snowstorms.

CNN News 2005/02/13
Pakistan flooding kills nearly 400 2005/02/11
MORE than 130 people have died across Pakistan in the heaviest rains in 16 years that caused a dam to burst.

OCHA Relief Web 2005/02/11
At least 60 people were killed and hundreds were missing after flash flooding ripped open a dam and washed away several villages and a passenger bus in south-western Pakistan, a regional minister said Friday.

CNN News 2005/02/11
Following the heaviest rains and snowfalls in more than a decade, the Shadi Kor dam near Pasni Tehsil in southwestern Pakistan Thursday gave way, killing at least 40 people, a provincial official said.

USA 2005/2/11
At least 20 people were confirmed dead after the 485-foot-long Shakidor Dam burst late Thursday near Pasni, a remote village in Baluchistan province.


BBC News 2005/02/10
In pictures: Pakistan flood misery