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Viet Nam : Typhoon : 1998/11
GLIDE: ST-1998-000374-VNM  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 1998/11
Viet Nam
Name Typhoon
Outline A low-pressure front in the south of the South China Sea developed into typhoon Dawn on 19 November 1998. The wind velocity reached 8 to 9 of the Beaufort scale.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others
OCHA Situation Report No.1 98/11/24
*As of 23 November, 102 people were reported killed, 14 injured and 2 missing. *416,428 houses were damaged and 1,321 destroyed. *The economic loss is estimated at more than USD 18 million.
Govt. Viet Nam Preliminary Report on Typhoon Dawn
People killed: 87
People injured: 8
People missing: 4
Houses flooded: 381,509
Houses collapsed: 608
Houses damaged: 1,128

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