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Public Forum "Recovery from Catastrophic Disasters" held at UNU, Tokyo on August 24
11th TIEMS Conference held in Melbourne, Australia on 18-21 May 2004
ADRC New Visiting Researcher's Report-Ms. Yuan Yi from China
Consultative Meeting of Asian NGOs for the Asian Disaster Reduction and Relief Network (ADRRN) was held in KL, Malaysia
Public Forum "Recovery from Catastrophic Disasters" on August 24 is around the corner
Greetings from Executive Director of ADRC, Masayuki Kitamoto
Promoting GLIDE for Effective Disaster Information Sharing
ADRC has a New Executive Director
ADRC Presents GLIDE at GDIN2004
Disaster Management System in Nepal-Contributed Article by ADRC former VR Mr. Lekh Nath Pokharel
ADRC will hold Public Forum "Recovery from Catastrophic Disasters" on August 24
ADRC develops Disaster Administrator Seminars for Turkey
ADRC Staff Profiles No.18-Mr. Akihiro Teranishi, Senior Researcher
The third Regional Consultative Meeting was held at Makati, Philippines
United Nations Award for Disaster Reduction
ADRC Dispatched Research Team to Bangladesh
ADRC Visiting Researcher's Report
GLIDE Technical Meeting was held at Geneva on 3 May, 2004
ADRC Cooperative Project FY2003:Earthquake Disaster Management Seminar in Mongolia
ADRC Visiting Researcher’s Report: Mr. Rahmonov Suhrobsho from Tajikistan
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: Storm in Myanmar
ISDR 9th Inter-Agency Task Force Meeting held in Geneva on 4-5 May 2004
The First Meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the World Conference on Disaster Reduction held on 6-7 May 2004
ADRC Cooperative Project 2003 (Singapore)-International Urban Search & Rescue Course
JICA Seminar on Disaster Management JFY2003
U.S.A. joins ADRC as Advisor Country
31st session of WMO/ESCAP Panel on Tropical Cyclones was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, March 2004
ADRC Staff Profiles No. 17-Mr. Takuzo Ishii, Senior Researcher
New staff has joined ADRC
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