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JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program: "School-based Disaster Education in Turkey"
The UN International Conference on Space-based Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction and 10 Years Commemoration of the UN-SPIDER Beijing Office
Announcement:Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2019
Study Tour on School and Community-based Disaster Risk Management for UNICEF Kyrgyzstan
Expert Group Meeting to Combat Sand and Dust Storm, UNESCAP
ADRC Visiting Researcher Report: Mr. Ozgur Tuna Ozmen (Turkey)
APEC-related Events
Report from ADRC Intern: ADRC Intern, Ms. Tamaki Takai
9th Annual UN-SPIDER Regional Support Offices (RSO) Coordination Meeting
Public forum "Trilateral Disaster Risk Reduction and Relief Cooperation Among China-Japan-Korea"
Participation in International Conferences - The 14th Meeting of the Typhoon Committee Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction
Promoting Cooperation with Affiliated Institutions - The 6th Earthquake Technology Expo in OSAKA
Participation in International Conferences - Global Platform 2019
Promoting Cooperation with Member Countries - Exchange of Opinions with the Legislative Counseling Office of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea (2019 April 24)
ADRC Staff Profile - Kazuyuki Kobori, Senior Administrative Manager
Participation in International Conferences - Meeting of Three Education and Training Institutes on Disaster Management
Notice of the ADRC website renewal
Promotion of DRR cooperation with related organizations -"Comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction A” and “Comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in the African Region” Management"
ADRC Visiting Researcher Report -Ms.Janice Montes Padagdag (Philippines)
Participation in InternationalConferences - Human Resource Development and Space Data Utilization for Disaster
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