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World Congress on Natural Disaster Mitigation was held at New Delhi, India, 19-22 February, 2004
Public Forum " Catastrophic Floods” was held at UNU, Tokyo on March 23
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: Earthquake in Turkey
ADRC was invited to Workshop Co-organized by Iran and UNDP
ADRC Participated in the Third International Workshop of WSSI in Bangkok
Public Forum "Catastrophic Floods: Hidden Vulnerability of Mega Cities" will be held on March 23
ADRC collaboration with Pacific Disaster Center
Efforts towards Strengthening Emergency Response Capacity in India
ADRC joined the Seminar hosted by JBIC
The Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2004 was held in Siem Reap, Cambodia
ADRC Cooperative Project FY2003: Seminar on Flood Disaster Management in Vietnam
ADRC Staff Profiles No. 16: Mr. Tetsushi Kurita, Senior Researcher
JSCE Earthquake Engineering Symposium held in Osaka
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia:Earthquake in Iran
The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution to host World Conference on Disaster Reduction
ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management (ACDM) was held in Brunei
Visitors to ADRC: The Delegation of Ministry of Civil Affairs,China
ADRC Participated the Third East Asia Cluster Meeting in Kobe
SMiRT Conference held in Prague, Czech Republic
Notice: Change of ADRC Website
ADRC participated in the UN ISDR 8th Inter-Agency Task Force Meeting
TDRM Conference was held in Kobe, Japan
ADRC Visiting Researcher’s Report-Mr.Om Prakash from India
ADRC was invited to Workshop co-organized by EC and UN-ISDR
Euro-Mediterranean Forum on Disaster Prevention was held in Madrid
ADRC participated in the Second International Conference on Early Warning (EWC II) held in Bonn, Germany
UNESCO Mid-term Meeting on the Cross-cutting Theme Initiative was held in Paris
TDRM Conference will be held on Dec 2-4, in Kobe, Japan
Introducing newly enhanced ADRC website
ADRC Conducted Field Survey on the Minamata Debris Flow Disaster in Japan
A Survey Mission to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, and Azerbaijan
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