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Second Seminar Highlights DRR Education Utilizing Lessons from Past Disasters
The GLIDE Steering Committee Meeting
International Workshop on the Accessibility of Emergency and Evacuation Plans and Systems
Announcement (1)Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction (ACDR2021) (2)Second ADRC Online DRR Seminar "DRR Education and Awareness Raising through Passing Down of Lessons from Past Disasters"
First Seminar Showed Various Perspectives on Investing in DRR
ASEAN related Conference
APEC Workshop on Enhancing Participation in Flood Disaster Preparedness Through Community-based Hazard Mapping
Announcement: ADRC Online DRR Seminar Series 2021 "Investing in Disaster Risk Reduction for a Resilient Society"
APEC EPWG and SDMOF Meetings
ADRC Staff Profile (1) Mr. NAKAYASU Yusuke, ADRC Senior Researcher (IRP Secretariat) (2) Ms. TANAKA Tomomi, ADRC Research Department
VR Online-Program
2021 Trilateral Working-Level Consultation Meeting on Disaster Management between China, Japan and the Republic of Korea
ADRC Publication: "Can We Adapt to the New Normal? Approaches from Asia"
Personnel Change
Training in the Creation of Local Disaster Risk Reduction Plans Using the 8-step Method
A Pilot Project in India to Visualize Movements of People for DRR
ADRC Provided a Talk in SDRC-DLSU Webinar Series
ADRC Publication: "Natural Disaster Data Book 2019"
Third Online Tsunami Seminar
GLIDE Stakeholder Meeting
Dialogue between Students of Hosei University and ADRC
(ACDR2020) Report from Member Countries: Kazakhstan
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021: HAMADA Masanori, Chairman, ADRC
Second Online Tsunami Seminar
Initiative for Creating a Space-Based Technologies
(ACDR2020) Report from Member Countries: Viet Nam
Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction (ACDR) 2020: Sessions 1 & 2
(ACDR2020) Report from Member Countries: Maldives
First Online Tsunami Seminar
Announcement: The Next Online Tsunami Seminar
ADRC at the 15th Integrated Workshops (15th IWS) of the Typhoon Committee
Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2020 (ACDR2020)
(ACDR2020) Report from GeoThings
International Disaster Charter (IDC) Board Meeting
Announcement: Online Tsunami Seminar
Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction (ACDR) 2020
(ACDR2020) Report from Member Countries: Bangladesh and Singapore
Announcement: The United Nations International Conference on Space-based Technologies for Disaster Risk Reduction: Lessons Learned During an Unprecedented Pandemic During an Unprecedented Pandemic
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