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International Symposium on the Civil Defense Development Strategy in the 21st Century held in Shanghai
Announcement -Public Forum "Sustaining Water Cycle for Disaster Risk Reduction" will be held at UN House on Wednesday, 10 October 2007
International Conference on Earthquake Risk Management Held in Pakistan
JICA Seminar for Southeast European Countries
Report from Sanghamitta College -Follow-Up to the Disaster Education Program in Galle, Sri Lanka
ADRC Visiting Researcher Report -Mr. Karybai uulu Kanatbek from the Kyrgyz Republic
Follow-up Workshop on JICA's Seminar for Central Asia and the Caucasus
ADRC Visiting Researcher Report -Ms. Nwet Yin Aye from Myanmar
The Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction (ACDR) 2007 is a Great Success
Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction - First session held in Geneva, ADRC participated
Successful IRP Side Event Draws 80 to Exchange Ideas on Disaster Recovery
ADRC's Cooperative Project with the Philippines -Seminar commemorating the completion of the GLIDE-Associated Disaster Database
ADRC Staff Profile No.28 -Mr. Hajime Yokobori, Senior Advisor
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia -Earthquake in Yunnan, China
Report on the Solomon Islands Earthquake and Tsunami Investigation -ADRC (IRP Secretariat) Joins Tsunami Investigation Team in Solomon Island
TDRM Good Practices Booklet Published
ACDR2007 Registration Closed on 31 May
Project for Promoting Community-Based Disaster Reduction in Sri Lanka
JICA Training "Disaster Coordination Training for Istanbul"
Disaster Education Program in Galle District, Sri Lanka
ADRC Staff Profile No. 27 - Mr. Shuhei TANAKA, Senior Researcher
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