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ADRC/NCDM Training Workshop for Cambodia Provincial Committee for Disaster Management
7th US-Japan Workshop on Urban Earthquake Hazard Reduction
United Nations Award for Disaster Reduction
7th ISDR Inter-Agency Task Force Meeting
3rd ISDR Support Group Meeting
The Opening of 'Hitomiraikan'
United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC)
ADRC Visiting Researcher's Report
Notice of change of address
ISDR/ADRC joint session "Living with Risk - towards effective disaster reduction" at WWF3
ISDR-IATF Working Group 3 on Risk, Vulnerability and Impact Assessment
Relocation of ADRC
JICA-ADRC Seminar on Disaster Management JFY2002
ADRC participates in the WMO/ESCAP Panel on Tropical Cyclones
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: West Bengal of India was attacked by heavy storm
ADRC Visiting Researcher's Report - Ms. Bolormaa Borkhuu, Mongolia
Map of the disaster affected area is available on the website of ADRC Latest Disaster Information
New Publication - A report of the "Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2003"
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: A strong earthquake rocked western China
ADRC Cooperative Project 2002  - Workshop on Disaster Management for Media in Lao PDR
The 7th Earthquake Technology Expo in Kobe and Yokohama, Japan
Conference Information: ISDR and ADRC joint session at the 3rd WWF3 in Japan
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: 1. Floods in Indonesia 2. Heavy rain in Pakistan
Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2003? - Living with Risk: Towards Disaster Resilient Societies -
ADRC Cooperative Project 2002 - Launched projects with Cambodia and Lao PDR
New Regional Advisor of ADRU/UN-OCHA Kobe -Mr. Terje Skavdal-
ADRC Cooperative Project 2002 -Seminar on Improvement of Early Warning System and Response in Bangladesh
ADRC On-line Glossary is now available in Korean & Chinese
The 35th WMO/ESCAP Typhoon Committee
ARF Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Seminar
Asian Seismological Commission 2000 in Nepal
ADRC provides Keynote Speech at the 6th Asia & Pacific Conference of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
The Int'l Seminar on Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation 2002 (Delhi, India)
INSARAG Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting
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