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ADRC Cooperative Project (Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia)
JICA Seminar on Disaster Management
ADRC Visited Gujarat, India
Disaster Management Exhibition Started!
World Conference on Natural Disaster 2001
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: 1. Another Strong Quake rocked El Salvador 2. Successive Disasters in Indonesia
Change in 6 years after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, Kobe
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: A Great Earthquake Hit West India
New Year's Greetings from the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (by Dr. Ogawa)
Major Natural Disasters in the 20th Century
Report from the ADRC Visiting Researcher (Sri Lanka)
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: 1. Dzud in Mongolia 2. A Large Earthquake Hit Central America 3. Tropical Cyclone in Sri Lanka
The 3rd ADRC Meeting was held in Kobe in Dec.
PNG New Ireland Earthquakes and Tsunamis: Tsunami education was tested
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: 1. Expansion of Floods Damage in Southeast Asia 2. Flood Damage in Sri Lanka
Promotion of Tsunami Awareness Program in PNG
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: Landslides in Indonesia
Recent ADRC's Activities 1. 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Disaster Management 2. GDIN Information Technology Exposition & Conference
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: 1. Cambodia Floods and OCHA Activities 2. Bangladesh Storm
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