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Study Tour of Disaster Hazard Mitigation Project for Kyrgyz Republic
Public Forum "Winning Against Disasters" held at UNU, Tokyo on 19 October 2006
2006 Disaster Management Training Course for Central Asia and the Caucasus
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia --- (1)Typhoon No. 13 (Shanshan) (2) Typhoon No. 15 (Xangsane)
Public Forum "Winning Against Disasters – Roles of Education, Development and Community Action for Sustainable Development" is around the corner
JICA’s Trainer’s training for the Disaster Mitigation Training Project
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia -Flood in Northern Lao PDR
Public Forum "Winning against disasters – Roles of Education, Development and Community Action for Sustainable Development" will be held on 19 October
ADRC Staff Profile No. 26 - Mr. Hiroyuki WATABE, Senior Researcher
Japan-SAARC Symposium held in Dhaka, Bangladesh
The ADRC Dispatches a Survey Team for the South Java Tsunami
ADRC Participates in National Assessment Mission to Yemen Led by UNESCO/IOC
ADRRN Regional Workshop Held in Bangkok
Global Disaster Reduction Education Campaign 2006-2007
Tsunami Awareness Workshops Using "Inamura no Hi" in India, Indonesia and Bangladesh
ADRC Visiting Researcher's Report -Mr. Sang Hyeok Kang, Republic of Korea-
ADRC Participates in the Regional Workshop on Mitigation, Preparedness and Development for Tsunami Early Warning Systems in the Indian Ocean Region
Third Regional Consultative Meeting for Central Asia was held in Kyrgyz Republic
UN Sasakawa Award for Disaster Reduction
ADRC Member Country Report
ADRC Dispatch Assessment Team to Java
3rd Public Symposium on Post-Disaster Recovery
ADRC Staff Profile No. 25 -Dr. Kenpei KOJIKA, Senior Researcher of ADRC
Project for Promoting Community-Based Disaster Reduction in Sri Lanka
ADRC Staff Profiles No. 24 -Mr. Kiyoshi KAYASHIMA, Researcher of IRP-
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: Earthquake in Java, Indonesia
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